York to Riccall

1. York to Riccall - (18 or 22 miles return) - This is the former main railway line from York to Selby diverted when the Selby coal field was opened. For this one we started in the Park and Ride facility on the Tadcaster Road side of York (just off the A64) near Tesco (Watch the barrier on the car park if carrying bicycles on rack or roof!!). The Tesco car park might be used as an overflow.  The route can be extended to the centre of York with ease or, alternatively, the centre York could be used as the starting point perhaps if arriving by train. If the latter, head for the riverside near the station and follow the notes at the end. The riverside path joins the main trail just after the race course.

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  • Typical path surface

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Access is easily gained to the trail proceeding along main road towards Tadcaster for 300m and then turning left at school and left again near a sports club to get on to path. This passes under A64 and soon reaches housing estate at Bishopthorpe.  Bear left and then right to regain path which then crosses the Ouse on a swing bridge at Naburn and then on to Riccall. The path can be continued alongside the A19 to Selby however we normally stop at the green in Riccall. This path is on the level all the way. 

As an added point of interest the trail is set out out with the planets at their proportionate distances starting with the Sun just under the A64 bridge and ending with Pluto on the approach to Ricall

On the return a decision can be made to go into the centre of York. This will add a further 4 miles approx. Immediately leaving fence alongside the A64 take the right hand path (well signposted)  skirting several fields before crossing the race course. Path emerges alongside and then crosses a road turning left and then right opposite the Rowntree factory to go downhill to the river. The continues alongside the river Ouse emerging in quiet back streets to reach the centre of York.

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  • Kings Staith

Bicycles can be walked over the bridge to reach Kings Staith on the opposite bank. This bank can then be followed to reach the Millennium Bridge and then return by the same route back to the racecourse and onward to the Park and Ride car park


  • Millenium Bridge

  • River Ouse in York


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