Tissington Trail

4. Tissington Trail (24 miles) This can be commenced at Tissington,  just North of Ashbourne, Ashbourne itself or Parsley Hay where there are car parks. The route is the former Ashbourne to Buxton Railway. The surface is crushed stone or ash and generally very good with a slight uphill all the way to Parsley (where a connection can be made with the High Peak Trail). The gradual downhill is noticeable on the way back! 

A feature of the route is the 1/3 mile long tunnel  emerging in the centre of Ashbourne. This has been illuminated by Sustrans. The scenery is excellent throughout, through woodland initially, and then embankments and deep cuttings. There are cafes and cycle hire centres at north of Ashbourne Tunnel, Tissington and Parsley Hay. Normally refreshments can be found at Hartington Station. The return journey took approximately 4 hours.

  • Tissington


Tissington Trail 3.jpg (30048 bytes)

  • Hartington Station signal box



Tissington Trail.jpg (28531 bytes)

  • North of Tissington (this is typical of the surface)


Parsley Hay.jpg (29296 bytes)

  • Parsley Hay


It should be possible to do the Tissington and High Peak Trails as a long trianglular route utilising the road from Middleton to Ashbourne (via Carsington Water). Also a connection could be made with the Manifold Trail at Hartington using the road to Hulme End (about 3 miles of road). A lift would need to be arranged from Waterhouses back to Ashbourne to avoid a section of main road.

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