Otley Folk Club at The Whitakers  - 1989

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The following are a few pictures taken on two nights at The Whitakers in the Summer of 1989.  There were a few I had to leave out for fear of offending good taste! Apologies to anybody who is missing. I will have to have another look through the photos! There were a few notable omissions of people who were around at that time but not on those particular nights e.g. Country Dave (Vermond), Karlos Robins, Swinging Dave (Rees), John Har(ley Da)vison etc etc.


Last Orders    Angelo and Alice Palladino   Baz Cooper   Malcolm Devereux     

Mairead O'Donnell    Rick Peacock  Mairead O'Donnell & John Carey  Paul Schoon

The Palladinos  Martin Dawson  Steve Fairholme    John Coulter  Last Orders (2)     

John Carey    Rick Peacock (2)   Rick Peacock (3)  Ed & Lorna  Tony Martin

Angelo Palladino (2)   Paul Schoon (2)   Angelo Palladino   Tony McGrath


Last Orders - or should it be Last Rites- reputation has it that they finished off many a folk club (or should that be finished off  in many a folk club?) !

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Angelo and Alice Palladino - still going strong in 2002! - Still resident in the area!

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Baz Cooper - the Otley Poet Laureate -Where did he get that hat?  Last heard of resident in Morecambe

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Malcolm Devereux -also known as  Malc The Viking - One quarter of Glenfolk and the local Keith Moon of bodhran players.

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Paul Schoon - One third of that well known group Emerson Lake and Schoon and the artistic direction behind Last Orders

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Mairead O'Donnell- a well known local songwriter and performer - can't think of anything bad to say!

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Rick Peacock during a break from singing with the Village People.

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Mairead O'Donnell & John Carey (C'est Moi)- I don't know why this was in black and white.

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The Palladinos - not may people know that this outfit toured the states and played support to Sting

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Martin Dawson- in those days a Chris De Burgh impersonator - you can see the resemblance if you look hard enough. Martin has less hair these days.

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Steve Fairholme - like Springsteen Steve is known as The Boss - seen here playing a typewriter with bellows. Actually the button melodeon was designed by a drunken accordion player. You have to be drunk to play one properly. Unfortunately, Steve is always stone cold sober!

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John Coulter A regular visitor to the folk club in those days

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Last Orders (2) - Another one of the lads in action with some old codger on the end! this was one of the more successful line ups with Paul Schoon on lead guitar, Malc on uke, Rick on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Steve on squeezy thing, Oh yes and Tony Martin on banjo.

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Tony McGrath - taught me how to play in four chords (or was it five?). Tony was originally part of Leather Bottle (the loudest folk band in the North), Merlin's Wheel (with Alan Butler) and then Drumnadrochit (with Ian Glover) Where is he now?

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It's me! - I don't know who took this one! It's quite good though. Notice one third of Mairead in the background - please e mail me with a suggested caption!

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Tony Martin - A well known local writer of songs, Tony set off on an extensive tour of Europe. He is now resident in UK again after being  deported from frogland!

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Rick Peacock (2) - Another impression of the Village People- I couldn't leave this one out! Actually, Rick is an outstanding former pupil of the Norman Collins Academy of Music (not many people know that- they do now!)

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Rick Peacock (3)- this is more passable! Rick was the host of the folk club for nearly 10 years. The folk club is still going some years later despite this.

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Ed,  Lorna and another face I couldn't place

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Angelo Palladino playing a midget guitar with 8 strings

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Angelo Palladino (2) in pensive mood obviously listening to a a serious Last Orders number and marvelling at Rick's guitar technique

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Paul Schoon (2) - note the flash guitar technique ('A' chord, I think or, at least, 'a chord' of some description) and like all great stars, a spaced out expression.

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