Clumber Park

8. Clumber Park (8 miles circular) -  Clumber Park is a large National Trust estate located just off the A1 in North Nottinghamshire. There are two routes one of 8 miles and a shorter one of 5 miles starting from the main car park near the church. The routes are clearly marked and there is a cycle hire shop which appeared very reasonable. The surfaces are a mixture of tarmac road and forest trail with a short section of field. There are some slight hills, none of them severe and much of the trail is on the level with very pleasant scenery and   a lake at the end. 

Clumber Park 01.jpg (29523 bytes)

  • Typical trail in North section of park

Clumber Park 02.jpg (37987 bytes)

  • Typical forest trail in North section of park

Clumber Park 04.jpg (34493 bytes)

  • Near Hardwick Village

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