East Baugh Fell

Walk 7 - An interesting upland walk with excellent views towards the Howgills, including a traverse of the remote East Baugh Fell [678m], and descent into Garsdale - a good day out! The walk starts in Sedbergh and finishes at the Moorcock Inn - 11 miles [6 hours] - By train on Saturdays only. Back to Moorcock Walks

This walk uses the Dent Station - Sedbergh bus service departing Dent Station at 1020 on Saturdays. For this reason the walk can only be accomplished from the north bound train from Leeds - Carlisle on a Saturday and some Summer Sundays [unless Sedbergh can be reached by another means!]. The return is from Garsdale

From Sedbergh town centre walk along the main street in an easterly direction. After a few hundred metres turn right along the road to Garsdale. After a short distance turn left at the river bridge to follow the left hand bank of the River Rawthey. After a mile the path emerges at Straight Bridge. Cross the road bridge and immediately the other side on a bend take the right hand narrow lane to Garsdale Bridge. Just before the bridge cross the stile and follow the left hand river bank for 1/3 mile or so. Eventually the path strikes out across a field and three stiles to reach Dovecote Gill. Crossing the stile onto the track turn right to pass around the side of Dovecote Gill. The track passes through a gate onto open pasture and winds its way up the hill, Emerge at the open fell at the top of the hill.

It is necessary to pick out a route from here across the open pasture but roughly heading up the shoulder of the hill with Ringing Keld Gutter on the left and then the right hand side. A wall appears on the right and the going gets steeper eventually emerging at the top of the fell. It is a short walk from here to reach the trig point at Knoutberry Haw [676m]. Continue with the wall on the right for 1.5 miles passing Tarn Rigg Hill [678m]. Shortly afterwards the path crosses to the other side of the wall/fence. Now with the wall/fence on the left begin the descent with Dandry Mire Viaduct and Wensleydale in the distant vista.

Approaching the bottom of the hill cross the small stream and look for a gate in the wall slightly to the right. Passing through the gate progress around the right hand side of the small hill. There is a sort of path where others have walked before. This eventually drops down to reach the minor road into Garsdale. Turn right along the minor road. At the T junction turn right for a short while and after 100m turn left down a foot path to reach the main Hawes - Sedbergh road at Low Scale. Cross the main road and onto footpath to High Scale proceeding slightly uphill. The path curves around to parallel the railway line all the way to Garsdale Station.

Either go directly to the station to proceed along the new bridleway immediately below the cottages. This passes under Dandry Mire Viaduct and soon reaches the Moorcock Inn.

For the return to Garsdale Station retrace steps along the Pennine Bridleway or catch the 113 bus! The station is slightly under a mile from the pub and 30-35 minutes should be allowed for this uphill walk! Remember that southbound trains run from the farthest platform and it is necessary to pass under the road bridge to gain access.

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